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Guided tours, accommodation, equipment rental. Everything that you need for a perfect Bovec adventure.

Get Comfy in Soca Valley

Our apartment house, which has been serving our guests since 2017, has 4 separate apartments with 21 beds in total.

The individual apartments can hold 2-9 people, which can provide convenient accomodation to coupels, families or friends.

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Popular Activities


Kayak Tour

If you have experience you can use the hard kayak, if you are just tasting this sport, go for the inflatable one!


Canyoning in Susec

There is nothing better than jumping, rappelling and swimming in the cold, chilling, crystal clear water on a scorching hot day.


Long Rafting

If the water level allows it we can paddle four stretches in one go with highly adventures parts and with some more relaxing sections as well.


Tandem Paragliding

The Dream of flying now begins. You are sitting comfortably in the harness and experience the freedom of flight.


Classic Rafting Tour

Depending on the water level we paddle on one of the shorter but always exciting stretches of the river in rafts with the capacity of 6-8 people.


Kayak School

Soca is ideal for learning kayaking since it has sections with various difficulty. Both beginners and highly experienced riders find it great fun!

Why would you choose us?

There are many reasons for it! Our programs are organized in small groups because they are mainly offered to our apartment guests only. We are never in a hurry on the river, we just let you enjoy the gifts of nature. We always try to make the most out of the river, which means that we are ready to tailor the tours according to the water conditions to make them as exciting as possible. We have the knowledge, licenses and skills to make your adventure a lifelong experience.

What People Say


Do not worry about the cold water, we use high quality neoprene outfits! For paddling we offer three millimeter neoprene trousers and long-sleeve coats, adjustable helmet, life-jacket and warm neoprene plush boots.

For canyoning you are going to get an extra five millimeter thick pair of socks and a neoprene overall with plush inner coating to make sure you are kept warm. To give you a slightly more bizarre appearance and to make the experience safer we provide a special harness and a nice helmet as well.

All equipment we use represent high quality: Sandiline, Hiko, Singing Rock, Petzl, Black Diamond. Our rafts and minirafts are made by Gumar, our inflatable kayaks are from the Spreu-boot factory and our plastic kayaks are Dagger and ZET.